This page is for Joe Fiorello who couldn't attend because his son Jeff was competing for the Southern Conference (Div 1) Pole Vaulting Championship in Johnson City Tennessee this weekend.

Thanks Joe!

Kiwanis Club of Niceville-Valparaiso

Thanks to all the leaders, coordinators and helpers:

Gary Witkos, Joe Fiorello, Robin Grobsmith, John Sullivan, John Stamp, Wayne Shimet, Jan Hoffman, Donnie Wood...

  ...George Murphy, Jim Kotouch, Bill Thursby, Howard Hill, Don Lamberson, Pete Ross, Bill Brunkow, Don Selby, Don Pulley, Larry Casey, Tony Theriot, Brett Hinely, Bill Saunders, Gene Alley, Tim Parsons, Jeff Upp, Mike Chesser, Bill Landsberg, Mike Mihalcik, Pete Banning, Jim Fults, Jim Howard, Fed Dreyer, Ralph Gauthier, Rick Hedde, John Woodward, Jim Lindsay, Lydia Hernandez, Dick Warren, Ed Dunbar, Ron Olsen, Gloria Mayo, Clarence Mayo, Phil Herron, Vern McGraw, Dick Palmer, Steve Witkos, Steve Kent, Jim Morgan, C.J. McEntire, Bobby Baugh, Ed Dennery, Reggie Lewis, Pete Ross, Mike Carucci, Maribeth Wollard, Larry Casey, Kathryn Bastian, Julie Helms, Gary Harbaugh, Dave Nickerson and Debbie Murphy. And to anyone else not listed, thanks to all who came out to eat and have fun.  

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KiwanisSA 041.jpg (159611 bytes) Kiwanis Club of Niceville-Valparaiso Also see our K-Mart Children's Christmas Party Pictures

Photos by Tim Parsons

Kiwanis Club of Niceville-Valparaiso
PO Box 1012
Niceville, FL 32588-1012

Meets every Thursday morning, 7am - 8am,
Okaloosa Walton College (OWC)
Building K
Breakfast is served. Come join us!